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Zhengzhou Azeus Machinery is specialized in Designing & Manufacturing comprehensive range of pellet machines for biomass pellets and animal feed pellets. Turnkey solutions is highly appreciated from project evaluation & blueprint to customized win-win solution and project installation & debugging.

Wood Pelletizing

Pelleting of renewable raw materials for energy recovery has been a topic for more than 30 years, since we already are dedicated to biomass pellet plant design and installation relying on long-standing experience. Heavy-duty designed machinery pays off when it comes to processing of agri and forestry products into pellets. The result is a high operational safety and availability for continuous running of the plant.

  • 1T bagasse pellet plant
  • 2T rice husk pellet plant
  • 3T sawdustpellet line

Feed Pelletizing

Feed pellet mill sometimes is also referred to as pellet press, mainly used to manufacture pellets for animal feed including animal feed from prepared feedstock grains (alfalfa, barley, corn, malt, oats, soybean, etc.). Feed pellet mills vary in size and design, mainly including flat die feed pellet mill and ring die feed pellet mill. Production volume of pellets per pellet mill can range from 80 kg per hour to 9 tonnes per hour.

  • 1T chicken feed pellet plant
  • 2T Alfalfa pellet plant
  • 4T cattle feed pellet plant
Wood and Feed Pellet Mill

Azeus Pellet NillAzeus pellet mill is the leader in power saving, maintenance and efficiency for pelleting biomass and feed. Developed from a design concept proven worldwide, the range of Pellet Mills continues to expand. Design features such as overall reliability, maximum efficiency, provide lower operating costs to each pellet plant owner.

Azeus pellet mill
Solution of Pellet Mill
  • Wood Pellet Maker Machine

    Wood Pellet Maker Machine

    The machine that can compress wood materials into wood pellet is called wood pellet mill, also named wood pellet maker machine, pellet press, or wood pelletizer. Now let’s have good understanding of wood pellet maker machines.

  • ring die wood pellet mill
  • electric wood pellet mill
  • diesel wood pellet mill
  • ring die feed pellet mill
  • electric feed pellet mill
  • diesel flat die feed pellet mill
  • chicken feed pellet plant
  • alfalfa feed pellet plant

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