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1T/H Bagasse Pellet Plant

bagasse pellet plant

When sugarcane is squeezed for its juice, a fibrous pulp material is left over. This material is processed into a usable form called ‘bagasse’. For each 10 tonnes of sugarcane crushed, 3 tonnes of wet bagasse is produced. Sugarcane bagasse, once a worthless residue is now an important co-product used for the generation of energy and production of ethanol, among other things. Our company has designed 3 bagasse pellet plant in Brazil that would process bagasse, a byproduct of sugar cane production, into small, dense pellets that can be burned for fuel.

Sugarcane Bagasse

sugarcane bagasse

For bagasse pellet plant location, you had better choose a place near to sugar mills as it is convenient to collect feedstock and save transportation cost.

Why Bagasse Pelleting?
1) bagasse pellets for Burning
•ø 6 / 8 mm: household stoves
•ø 8 / 18 mm: Industrial
2) Feed ingredient
Type of feedstock
•Natural Bagasse (After extraction)
•Hydrolyzed Bagasse (Steam treated)
3) Feedstock Formula
(50% bagasse : 25% peanut shell : 25% coffee husk)
The key factor in producing bio pellets depends on the type and size of feedstock material.

Moisture(%, dry basis)
Approx. Ash content(%)
calorific value(kcal/kg)
Bagasse Pellets

burning bagasse pellets

bagasse pellets

Preparation Prior to Pelletizing

1. Drying:•Bagasse waste will be dried down to 10-12% moisture
2. Grinding: •Usually ø 5 mm hammer mill screen
Pellet Mill for Bagasse
•Special range of pellet mills made suitable for biomass pelleting
•Dies have been designed to suit the tough pelleting conditions
•Rollers are developed to cope with the high loads
•Special forced feeder design suitable for low bulk density input materials
Suitable Model for 1t/h bagasse pellet plant MZLH420

Main Machine Specifications for 1T/H Bagasse Pellet Plant

Wood Crusher
Rotary Dryer
Bagasse Pellet Mill
90 kw

We offer Bagasse Pellet Plant with different capacities with unique design. The pellet plant design have high output and low labor cost.

Bagasse Pellet Plant Working Video

Product: 1T/H Bagasse Pellet Plant

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