Professional Manufacturer of Wood Pellet Mill & Feed Pellet Mill

Zhengzhou Azeus Machinery is specialized in Designing & Manufacturing comprehensive range of pellet machines for biomass pellets and animal feed pellets. Turnkey solutions is highly appreciated from project evaluation & blueprint to customized win-win solution and project installation & debugging.

  • 4T/H Cattle Feed Pellet Plant 4T/H Cattle Feed Pellet Plant

    Azeus 4t/h cattle feed pellet plant is combined with grinding, mixing, pelleting, cooling, packing and electrical controlling system. This cattle feed plant can be used for producing livestock & poultry feed pellets.

  • 1T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Plant 1T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Plant

    Nowadays, intensive management of chicken feeding industries can save cost and realize maximum benefit. Many breeders start to make chicken feed pellets themselves, we can help you realize from A-Z, turnkey solution.

  • 2T Alfalfa Feed Pellet Plant 2T Alfalfa Feed Pellet Plant

    Alfalfa pellets have wide application such as horse and cattle feeding as the pellets have rich nutrition; in fact alfalfa can also be mixed with other material to make fuel pellets.

  • 3T/H Sawdust Pellet Plant 3T/H Sawdust Pellet Plant

    A reasonable pellet plant design can save customer space and investment, Azeus Machinery can ensure this. The whole production line controlled by PLC system.

  • 1T/H Bagasse Pellet Plant 1T/H Bagasse Pellet Plant

    Our company has designed 3 bagasse pellet plant in Brazil that would process bagasse, a byproduct of sugar cane production, into small, dense pellets that can be burned for fuel.

  • 2T/H Rice Husk Pellet Plant 2T/H Rice Husk Pellet Plant

    2T/H rice husk pellet plant installed in Vietnam has been working well and gained great popularity. Specially designed ring die wood pellet mill for making rice husk pellets durable and efficient.

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